Domain Expertise Overview

Experts in several domains that span spectrum of industries, MSys Technologies has in-depth knowledge covering the breadth of each domain. Our team focus on providing best in class solutions, so that organizations can succeed faster.

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Technical Services

Reliability through quality has been a guiding principle of MSys Technologies where we offer services tailored to customers specific needs. Be it Software Development, Quality Assurance, Product Sustenance or Certification

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Product & Solution Accelerators

Our products help customers to reduce the time to market, by playing a pivotal role in the Software development lifecycle. Using our products or solutions accelerators, customers can automate complex test workflows, saving precious time on delivery

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About MSys Technologies

Founded in 2007 by Sanjay Sehgal, MSys Technologies started with a commitment to deliver the best in IT services and automation software. We quickly built our reputation as the preferred innovation partner in storage, cloud computing, embedded systems, testing and test automation technologies. We have helped over 150 clients build and modernize their products.


Our solutions have helped clients achieve their business goals of increased productivity, scalability and cost reduction.

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Clogeny is one of the leading technology companies that develops cloud platforms, cloud products and scalable applications. Clogeny’s expertise in end-to-end cloud computing stack including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS has been amalgamated with MSys’s domains and expertise resulting in a technology source that meets the needs of modern IT companies.

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MSys accepts high-end technology challenges and delivers quality solutions for our clients operating in numerous domains. Our commitment to the clients’ success made the clients to get a superior-level of confidence and partner with MSys.


MSys is an innovator in offering IT services and domain specific automation software.

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Technical Services








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