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“At MSys Technologies, Innovation is a way of life.”

We are a technology consulting and services company with nearly a decade of expertise in various focus areas: Storage, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Software Development, DevOps, Enterprise Apps, Embedded Systems, Testing, and Test Automation.

We help customers achieve their business goals of increased productivity, scalability and cost reduction. Our engagement models are designed to take care of customer’s requirements, letting them focus on business critical activities.

With numerous client engagements in all of our focus areas, we stand firm as one of the most sought-after organizations in the current technology service spectrum. Our innovative streak has led us to the development of revolutionary solution accelerators like MTAS, MSys Test Automation Solution; Mobitaz, MSys’s mobile test automation solution; and PurpleStrike RT, a load testing tool.

Domain Expertise

Our leadership ensures our domain expertise covers the length and breadth of each domain to ensure best-in-class solutions for you.

Next Gen Storage Development Services for ISVs

Storage Development Services


Engineering Services Across the Stack

Software Defined Data Center


Build and Operate Modern IoT Systems with MSys

Internet of Things Solutions


End to End Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing

Build Comprehensive IT Solutions with MSys

Embedded Software Development Services


Experts in Implementing Advanced Big Data Analytics Applications

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Big Data

Technology Pedigree

Our technology services range from product development and cloud computing to big data analytics, and storage development services. Our diverse knowledge expertise makes us capable of touching all aspects of IT in the industries we cater to.

All Product Engineering Needs
Under One Roof

Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering

QA Services to Storage, Cloud, and Embedded Domains

Quality Assurance Services

QA & Certification

Experienced DevOps Service
Provider for ISVs

Devops Development Services


Sustenance and Support for Products across Leading Technologies

Product Sustenance & Support

Sustenance & Support

Solution Accelerators

Our product solution accelerators help customers to reduce the time to market, by playing a pivotal role in the software development lifecycle. Using our solution accelerators, customers can automate complex test workflows, saving precious time on delivery and at the same time ensuring reliability, scalability and responsiveness of applications.

Mobitaz - Mobile Test Automation Tool
MTAS - Mobile Automation Testing Tool
Purple Strike RT - Load Testing Tool


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