Innovation is a way of Life!

About Us

When MSys Technologies was founded in 2007, our CEO Sanjay Sehgal started with a commitment to deliver the best in IT services and automation software. We quickly built our reputation as the preferred innovation partner in storage, cloud computing,embedded systems, testing and test automation technologies. We have helped over 100 clients build and modernize their products.

Our solutions help clients achieve their business goals of increased productivity, scalability and cost reduction. MSys Technologies takes care of all requirements of our clients so they can focus on what they do best–their business.

Our clients include storage stalwarts like NetApp, Tintri, DDN, Nimble Storage, Lantronix, Eurotech, and Panasas, to name a few.

We have combined our custom software development expertise with our deep domain understanding to launch our own solution accelerators, Mobitaz, MTAS andPurpleStrike RT, which are now front-runners in their own domains.

MSys Technologies has come a long way from its early days. We have offices in Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Atlanta with over 350 employees and clients spanning IT, finance and banking, media and entertainment, and healthcare domains.

In March 2014, MSys Technologies acquired Clogeny, a world leader in cloud computing, DevOps, big data, and scalable applications space.


Innovation and creativity are the heart and soul of MSys Technologies. For us, innovation is a way of life. We believe in a lot of little innovations: every day, every week and every month making something a little better.

End to End Solutions

We are your true partners for all your technology needs. Leave it to us and our team of engineers, researchers and consultants to manage all your product engineering, testing, maintenance and support needs while you focus on your strategic projects.

Domain Expertise

Our support goes beyond simple coding work. MSys Technologies’ focus on domain expertise ensures that we understand what drives your business. We leverage our in-depth domain understanding to help you overcome your business challenges.

Hiring the Best

At MSys Technologies, you work with the best engineering talent in the country. Each team member has the excitement to make a difference, to create something new and to help your business grow to your vision.


MSys Technologies is a fast growing IT company in India. Innovation is our life blood, driving us constantly in providing consistently awe-inspiring solutions to our global customers in our focus areas. Our innovative solutions continue to provide monumental business growth to our customers.
We make it a point to deliver all solutions faster than our customers expect, and of course with greater quality. We strive toward providing end-to-end solutions in the domains we serve.

Leading in our focus domains

Become a revered global brand

Provide high-quality end-to-end solutions

Engage well with employees

Our Core Values


take pride in thinking innovatively and uniquely, while others follow a textbook approach.

Global reach

MSys Technologies is a truly global tech company: we work as a single entity to provide mission-critical solutions

Growth-focused approach

We encourage our technologists to take ownership of your problem, thereby gathering all means of providing the most apropos solution—key to your growth.

Employee-centric approach

We respect our people and provide a wonderful work environment. The result: they value us greatly and stay with us as long as they can.

End-to-end soludions

Our experience working with leading tech companies for nearly a decade enables us to provide end-to-end solutions in all of our domains.

Cost reduction

One of our promises is reduction in cost in comparison to your in-house teams or other technology vendors. We have adhered to this promise every single time.