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Big Data Services

This document provides a high level overview of MSys' high expertise in big data tools and technologies.


DevOps Services

This document describes how MSys has gathered deep expertise in the DevOps domain and provided DevOps projects


Enterprise Apps

MSys created a niche for itself in enterprise application development. Learn more from this brochure


Internet of Things Brochure

This brochure talks about the entire spectrum of services MSys offers including consulting, technology


Cloud Computing Services

Over the years, many cutting-edge cloud deployments were done by MSys for its myriad clients.


Product Lifecycle Services

This paper describes MSys' deep expertise and flexible product development service models. We can augment your existing team.


Quality Assurance Services

MSys has gathered astounding QA expertise over the years. We have provided quality assurance services in storage.


Storage Services

MSys has done quite a large number of storage projects for a large number of storage clients.


Enterprise Application Development

MSys created a niche for itself in enterprise application development. Learn more from this brochure.


Success Stories

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

The client in this case study is a research group belonging to one of world’s largest software development companies. One of the requirement was…



MSys has developed key expertise in big data analytics domain over the years. We have critical knowledge in big data technologies such as…



MSys helped the client set up a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) project in Chennai, India, providing the resources to deliver and…


Dedicated Team For Continuous Delivery

The customer is a provider of high-performance computing providing one third of top hundred supercomputers in the world. The various requirements by the client included…


Product Sustenance For Network Device Manufacturer

The client is a provider of device networking and remote access products for remote management allowing remote computer management allowing remote computer access…


Secure Messaging Portal

The client in this project has a unique secure communication application that is targeted at finance and healthcare markets. The requirements of the client include…


Storage Management Solution

We have worked with SSDs, RAID arrays, software-defined storage vendors, and cloud storage vendors. The particular software requires MIS details…


Device Cloud Project

The project aimed at development of a cloud-based management and monitoring dashboard that monitors storage devices of the client and…


Smart Vending Machine Iot

Gone are the days, where the vending machine service engineer, route fillers, had to be reported about events and periodic audit…


Machine-to-Machine Networking And Sustenance

MSys has expertise in machine-to-machine communication technology, which was instrumental in providing a communication and sustenance solution to an international…


Mobile Health Monitor

Client had developed an iOS healthcare application, the application will communicate through Bluetooth services to a consumer electronic fitness devices


Health Monitoring App

The need for a faster time to market and the sensitivity involved in the healthcare domain made the client look for a robust Test Automation Tool which…


End-to-End Testing Solution

MSys has built a dedicated testing team to perform testing of iterative processes in the workflow of the telecom industry both manually and…


Web GUI IOP Test Automation Suite

The client in this case study is a company that provides secure file sharing and cloud storage capabilities. The client contacted MSys with a critical problem, that of…


Development of Custom Python Test Framework

The client is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computing systems. The client’s specific requirement was development of a modular code base that can..


Automation Test Tool For VDS VSS

The Client is a leading provider of innovative circuitry, systems, and software technologies The GUI-based automation tool uses third party utilities to verify…


ODM Automation Software

MSys has developed a host of automation tools for the client. One of them is the ODM automation tool for qualifying the client’s…


Complete Release Ownership External FC Array

The client is a leading provider of intelligent storage software for enterprise-class IT servers, professional workstations, and digital media workflows.


Vivaldi Automation Software

MSys has developed a host of automation tools for the client, one of which is the Vivaldi Automation Software (VAS) for the MegaRAID Storage...


Hardware Provider to Communicate with Client Storage Appliance

The client is an enterprise storage company that provides distributed organizations with a simple, and unified storage solution. MSys developed a VSS Hardware...

Microsoft VSS Hardware Provider

Multiple Storage Projects For Leading Storage Array Manufacturer

The project involves a host of expertise areas of MSys, including storage, testing, test automation, and software development...


RAID Firmware and Device Driver Development

MSys worked on several projects in Embedded systems involving firmware development, device driver development, ..


Development QA Certification

The client approached MSys with a multitude of development requirements upon a major set of platforms, both proprietary and...


High Availability And Disaster Recovery Solution

MSys’ test automation expertise was helpful for the client to develop a full-fledged disaster recovery solution...


Microsoft Vss Hardware Provider

MSys has developed a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Hardware Provider to support client’s iSCSI...


Virtualization Server Development

Current high availability and disaster recovery e-mail Solutions are expensive to purchase, complex to administer, and intrusive...


Building VMware Virtual Appliance

This case study gives an overview of creating a “software-only” virtual appliance for your server based setup or application


Testbed Setup & QA process for vCOPs, vROPs & VCP

MSys created a framework for the client to Setup Testbed & QA process for vCOPs, vROPs & VCP


VMware Storage Replication Adapter (SRA)

MSys created the testbed setup based on VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) Posting and executed the certification suite.

VMware Storage Replication Adapter (SRA)

White Papers

Change Your Traditional Business Intelligence to Leverage Big Data

Business intelligence traditionally depended on DataStack architecture. But with the advent of big data, this is changing.


MapReduce for the Big Data Needs of IT Enterprises

MapReduce is a radical new programming paradigm for proper analysis and unearthing the insights of big data.


How Enterprise Decision Makers Assess the Returns on Cloud Implementations?

Apparent advantages of migrating to the cloud is familiar to most people. However, businesses require accurate ROI calculation.


Enable SaaS for Your Organization in Less Than Two Months

Companies are evolving today to reap the benefits of the cloud. In such rat race how to enable SaaS in less than two months.


ISVs: Building a Cloud-Based Business Strategy

ISVs are looking more and more into the cloud as a more profitable model for application delivery in the form of a service.


DevOps and Cloud Help Organizations Achieve Agility

Learn how DevOps and cloud can help your organization achieve great levels of agility in business.


Latest Developments in Embedded Systems Technology

This white paper discusses the latest developments happening in the embedded systems domain.


Modernization of Enterprise Applications

Modernization of enterprise apps development is essential for any IT organization. This white paper gives an industry perspective on this.


The Basic Requirements of Internet of Things

Internet of things is transforming the way we live. It is enabled by advanced sensors monitoring every device you own.


How to Identify the Best Offshore Development Partner

Today, ISVs are more into product management than into development. In such case, you need to identify the best offshore development partner.


Product Sustenance & Maintenance: An Industry Perspective

This white paper gives an industry perspective on product sustenance and maintenance services.


Strategic Planning of QA Activities for the Enterprise

Strategic planning of quality assurance activities is very important for product success.


Capitalizing on the Internet of Things

The white paper discusses the importance of the technology approach known as internet of things and explains how you should capitalize on that.


Software-Defined Storage: Key Element of the Virtualized Data Center

Software-defined storage and storage virtualization are critical elements of an automated data center.


Data Center Automation Through Virtualization

Here is a white paper that gives an understanding of a virtualized, automated data center.


Agile Software Development- Challenges and Best Practices

This whitepaper talks about the various challenges faced when implementing an Agile environment for Software Development and the best practices to get the best out of Agile.


Cloud Computing_PaaS Adoption and Cloud-Aware Development in DevOps

Private cloud can use PaaS to enable information technology systems, ops staff, and developers to work more efficiently in DevOps-driven models.

Cloud Computing_PaaS-Adoption-and-Cloud-Aware-Development-in-DevOps

IoT Capturing Insights From Huge Volumes of Data Generated by Things

With the advent of IoT, the data generated in the world will increase even more. This can provide business insights which are otherwise hard or impossible to obtain.


Test Automation_Best Practices in Load Testing An Industry Perspective

A proper load testing scenario should involve a thorough planning to implementation startegy. In this white paper, we will analyze the best practices of load testing.


Testing Automation_Test Automation Done Correctly A Business Perspective

Test automation is a key aspect of quality assurance that ensures the testing of an application is done properly without manual intervention.



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Big Data Services


Cloud Computing


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Product Lifecycle Management


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Internet of Things


Mobitaz: Mobile Test Automation


MTAS: MSys Test Automation Solution


PurpleStrike RT: Load-Testing Tool