Mobitaz – Mobile Test Automation


Mobile Test Automation Tool

Mobitaz – Mobile Test Automation Solution by MSys

Speed up your testing process, increase app’s reliability, and stay ahead of the game

Mobile test automation is the answer to today’s increasing demands for the expansive mobile apps market. You need to create multiple apps simultaneously? Hope to drastically reduce your time to market? Want to see your company achieve quick and precise results?


We have the answer to all these questions- our  very own mobile test automation tool, Mobitaz

Mobitaz: An Advanced Android/iOS Test Automation Tool

What make Mobitaz different among mobile test automation tools are the various capabilities it brings. Mobitaz is the product of years of development at MSys by highly talented product engineering professionals who have experience with a number of mobile test automation tools.


Some of the key features of Mobitaz include-

Full Support

Wider, more extensive support for iOS and Android: Support for native and WebView components, various hardware configurations, and OS versions from Gingerbread to the latest. For iOS, Mobitaz supports from version 5 onwards.

Mobitaz - Mobile Test Automation Solution
Swift, Robust Testing

Mobitaz is easy to use. Teams can expedite tests and deploy them. Maximized test coverage and tool robustness ensure better quality assurance and higher ROI for Mobitaz customers.

Mobitaz - Mobile Test Automation Solution
Faster Reach

Mobitaz makes you stay ahead of competition and reduces testing time as well as go-to-market time.

Mobitaz - Mobile Test Automation Solution

Mobitaz Brochure

Mobitaz is a key mobile test automation solution accelerator from MSys. This brochure gives key details of this product.

Health Monitoring App Test Automation

Mobitaz was taking care of critical test automation for a health monitoring solution. Find more here.

Test Automation Done Correctly: A Business Perspective

This white paper discusses in depth what constitutes a detailed test automation plan that clearly sees business and application objectives.

Mobitaz Presentation

The presentation details Mobitaz, Android test automation solution, and its various features.