MSys to Co-Host Chef: The Path to Full Automation in Bengaluru

Clogeny and Chef will be co-hosting this year’s Chef Day on 12-March, 2014 in Bengaluru, India. This event focuses on how Dev and Ops can change the way they work to provide a more harmonious and productive way to work and increase the effectiveness of an IT oriented organization. The session covers challenges and complexity involved in managing complex infrastructures, fundamentals of infrastructure automation and how Chef with the combination of configuration management and service oriented architecture make it easy to create elegant fully automated infrastructure.

The list of speakers are prominent contributors & core members of Chef including:

  • Arne Gallagher: Arne is the Global Partner Manager at Chef. His session will provide an Overview of Chef and the Philosophy behind Chef – the open source systems integration framework.
  • Michael Ducy: Michael is an Enterprise Architect at Chef. His session covers the current challenges both large and small organizations face while managing their IT infrastructure in the cloud as well as their private datacenters and how complex infrastructure can be managed easily through automation.
  • Chirag Jog: Chirag is CTO – Clogeny and is also one of the major contributors to Chef. Chirag has contributed to Chef’s Knife plugins, cookbooks and recipes for managing complex infrastructure.
  • Kalpak Shah: Kalpak is CEO – Clogeny and has deep expertise in architecting Continuous Delivery strategies for enterprises with multi-million dollar revenue and Fortune 500 companies.
  • After the sessions we will have a panel discussion focusing on enterprise adoption of DevOps. During these discussions, the panelists would field questions from the audience on best practices for DevOps and ways to increase effectiveness of an IT oriented organization.

Join us for an evening of discussions centered around DevOps. These sessions have a history of great discussions with elite speakers & core members from the Chef community. You will have an opportunity to interact with prominent members and discuss potential implementations with Chef with your peers.

You can register for this event using the following link:

In case of any queries, you could also reach us on +91 9689 939365

Hurry, The seats are limited and are getting filled fast !!