End-to-End Engineering Services
Across the Stack

Software-Defined Everything

SDx (read as Software-defined Everything) essentially encapsulates any/all software-defined elements within a given infrastructure. SDDC is software defined datacenter that typically integrates software defined storage and networking solutions in a given physical realm. One of the most obvious benefits of SDx includes its capability to deliver the entire computing Infrastructure as a Service.


SDS or Software Defined Storage

SDS sits right above the physical layer and governs how virtualized infrastructure could connect and utilize physical storage. We offer SDS services across the stack.

  • Orchestration – Application access through SLAs
  • Provisioning – Dynamic resource allocation
  • Aggregation – Aggregate diverse solution providers
  • Abstraction – Software abstraction from hardware

Having worked with GPFS, CephFS distributed file systems, we also developed and sustained parts of Lustre File system. Our understanding of the storage and distributed file system integrations makes us highly competent in monitoring such complex systems.


SDN or Software Defined Network

  • Integration and testing
  • SDN and NFV integration
  • Development of orchestration and Network management layers

MSys has a good understanding of SDN openflow controller architecture, Sflow and ipfix protocols for developing value added services like traffic management, traffic shaping etc.

We have worked with high speed networking protocols at L2/L3.

We have experience with overlay networks predominantly used in virtualized environments.

Our expertise with Openvswitch (vxlans), flannel, weave together, forming the basis of openshift/kubernetes cluster deployments.

MSys also has expertise with DPI (deep packet inspection), deep packet/protocol analysis and system development of network elements on commodity hardware (NFV).


SDDC or Software Defined Datacenter

As a part of SDDC offerings, ISVs leverage our expertise across the stack.

  • Compute Layer: SMP protocols and load balancers
  • Networking Layer: WAN optimization, virtual routers
  • Storage Layer: Snapshot solutions for SAN/NAS, testing frameworks




Storage Expertise Brochure

This brochure details our storage capabilities in development, testing, and test automation. The storage brochure gives in-depth understanding of our storage capabilities.



Storage Expertise Presentation

Storage expertise presentation details our capabilities in the storage domain, along with details of our clients.


Success Stories

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Software-Defined Storage: Architecture & Characteristics

This is a white paper that unfolds the MSys perspective on software-defined storage model, a key component of software-defined data centers.