Next Gen Storage Product Development
Services for ISVs


Primarily being a Storage company, we have extensive expertise working on the complete storage stack for leading storage ISVs. Our deep expertise in areas such as file systems, cluster file systems, cloud storage, network-defined storage and storage management offers a unique blend of product innovation and industry experience.


Hypervisor Integration

  • Hypervisor agnostic software-defined storage solution Development
  • Porting SDS to VMware, Hyper-V , Xen, KVM
  • High availability support to application VM

Driver Development for Multiple Storage Protocols

  • FC, SAS, iSCSI target development & IO performance enhancements

Storage Services

  • Erasure coding support
  • Multiple/hybrid RAID level development and support.
  • Data migration
  • Object level support
  • Object level replication
  • Predictive drive sparing
  • Storage enclosure services
  • LUN management

vSphere Web Plugin

  • Integration of vendor specific events, alarms and tasks into the vSphere server console.
  • Includes an add-on feature for Mapping/Un-Mapping of LUN and managing datastore life cycle
    • Datastore creating and exposing them to all the connected ESXi hosts
    • Monitoring the datastore and the VM status
    • Cleaning up the datastore and its VMs
  • Integration of push notifications [storage management events/alerts] to web client plugin.
  • Integration with external vendor license server to activate the storage appliance.
  • Single-sign-on integration
  • Plugin registration/un-registration
    • Integration of vendor specific
      • Alarm
      • Event
      • Task
    • Securing plugin runtime configuration
  • Monitor and re-deploy plugin service in-case of vSphere server restart/reboot


MSys has gathered key expertise in all areas of virtualization by executing multiple virtualization projects in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. Our focus areas include desktop virtualization, server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, and application virtualization. MSys has helped several ISVs in developing innovative solutions that take advantage of these growing technologies, and reducing costs without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Provisioning & Orchestration

  • Adding support for provisioning and orchestrating IT assets within virtualized environments for ISV customers.

Datacenter Monitoring & Management

  • Managing various virtualization assets in data centers. Integrating with various monitoring and management ISVs.

ISV Integration With Virtualization Products

  • Integrating VMware, Citrix Xen, Hyper-V, and KVM with various ISVs to support their product features within these platforms.

Plugin Development

  • Developing vCenter, SCVMM, VCO, XenCenter, and snapshot management plugins.


  • Setup of certification environments and execution of VMware, WHQL/WLK, Citrix, and Linux certifications for ISVs.

Caching & acceleration products

  • Software and hardware based flash acceleration products for virtualization platforms




Storage Expertise Brochure

This brochure details our storage capabilities in development, testing, and test automation. The storage brochure gives in-depth understanding of our storage capabilities.



Storage Expertise Presentation

Storage expertise presentation details our capabilities in the storage domain, along with details of our clients.


Success Stories

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Software-Defined Storage: Architecture & Characteristics

This is a white paper that unfolds the MSys perspective on software-defined storage model, a key component of software-defined data centers.