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Writing a Knife Plugin for your shiny new VMWare vCloud Director-based cloud

Clogeny’s CTO Chirag Jog was one of the speakers at this year’s ChefConf, hosted by Opscode. His talk covered what exactly are Knife cloud plugins, how they work and how can you go about writing one. The reference cloud is VMWare’s vCloud Director.
Knife cloud plugins extend Knife’s behaviour to easily manage servers(nodes) in the public or private cloud using Chef. vCloud Director(vCD) is the flagship cloud provisioning product from VMWare which power several public clouds like Bluelock, AT&T, Dell etc as well as private clouds. The aim of this session is to help developers understand knife cloud plugin framework, cover the basics of VMWare vCloud Director and how they can extend the existing knife vcloud plugin or write new plugins to manage their own vCD-based cloud. The session covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the Knife cloud plugin framework
  • Dissecting a Knife cloud plugin with a code walkthrough
  • Understanding Windows bootstrapping
  • What is fog and how to use it effectively ?
  • Basics of VMWare vCloud Director API Model- compute, storage and networking with real-life examples
  • Demo of the knife vcloud plugins for Bluelock, Dell and private clouds.
  • Best Practices for writing knife plugins

ChefConf 2013 Talk: Writing a Knife cloud plugin for your shiny VMWare vCloud Director from MSys Technologies
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