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MSys has worked with customers to build cutting edge products in the cloud space. Our expertise lies across various technical areas in cloud, including Salesforce, Google Apps, NetSuite, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Azure, CloudFoundry, CloudBees, CumuLogic, Heroku,, OpenStack, DynamicOps, Cloupia, Amazon Web Services, RackSpace, HP Cloud, and CloudStack. We build solutions on different cloud platforms, using Hypervisor and Container Virtualization technologies based on your need. MSys has set up niche business units to address challenges in a few of these top cloud computing technologies. Our experience in cloud computing across AWS / Azure / OpenStack can help you build solutions for Public / Private / Hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud Service Integration

  • Cloud caching
  • Integration with open source - Openstack elements
  • Cloud backup
  • Plugin development: SRM/SRA, VASA

Application Migration

  • Building and hosting multi-tenant applications
  • Choosing data architecture
  • Partition multi-tenant application
  • Maximizing availability, scalability, and elasticity
  • Securing applications
  • Managing and monitoring applications

Multi-cloud Orchestration

  • Orchestration across multiple cloud environments
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Cloud interoperability and lock in Multi cloud data synchronization
  • Open source services for multiple cloud environments (Openstack)
Success Story

Multi Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure Management Solution

The solution has also been integrated withCF tool such as Chef, Ansible, etc.


Cloud Computing Services

Over the years, many cutting-edge deployments have been done by MSys for its diverse clientele.
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