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Helping Customers Dive Deep until realized Potentials

With companies across geographies laying critical emphasis on their human resource management, Contingent Hiring is fast catching up as it enables clients to solely focus on core processes. It also smoothly caters to the erratic demands of quick scale up and scale down of business processes.

At MSys after understanding your needs, we strive to provide you with talent in the following manner:

  • Contract-to- hire talent for project-based support
  • Hire the contractors as permanent employees

We offer our contingent hiring services in the following manner:

  • Strategic Talent Management/Staffing Support
  • Just in time Workforce
  • Seamless Migration
  • Planned On-boarding
  • Associate Training

This model of hiring enables its customers to have the following:

In the past, MSys has assisted in building teams through contingent hiring services for Seagate, LSI, HGST, NEC and Netapp with niche skills.

Our competent team at MSys scales its skills in building teams across domains related to storage, lustre file system, DevOps, Python, UI and Big Data expertise.

Success Story

Build Operate Transfer Model for Data Storage Company

Client needed highly skilled local resources in the areas of testing, firmware development, kernel engineering, and file systems.


Storage Services

MSys has worked with storage clients in every single storage technology you can identify.
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