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Applied Engineering Acumen to Drive Customer Excellence

MSys has deep expertise in implementation of advanced Big Data analytics applications, Real Time analytics, Log Analytics, Internet of Things Analytics and Data Science.

MSys' Analytics expertise

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive & Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data, Social Media Analytics
  • Mobile based Business Intelligence Solutions, and
  • Integrated Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions

Success Story

Big Data ETL Workflow design

MSys developed Big Data ETL Workflow design for one of the world's largest software companies. This group of experts was focused on building new products for their Hadoop Cloud offering.


Big Data Services

The big data analytics brochure offers a snapshot of the big data technologies and tools that we have expertise in. It takes you through our services and client successes in this domain.
White Papers

Change Your Traditional Business Intelligence to Leverage Big Data

Business intelligence traditionally depended on DataStack architecture. But with the advent of big data, there is a paradigm shift in business intelligence. This white paper analyzes how business intelligence shifts from traditional methods to big data.