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  • Self-Healing Storage – Fail-Safe Storage and Heal-in-Time Consider the below scenario You are a cutting-edge, cloud-powered Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). You have an esteemed customer base who are delighted by your uninterrupted services. On one fine day, you experience an IT outage. Wouldn’t ...


  • Virtualization Services At MSys, we provide expertise in maximizing datacenter utilization. Our experts work with your IT manager and IT staff to draw a server consolidation and virtualization plan best suited for your environment.
  • Sustenance and Support Services The sustenance & support solutions by MSys helps product companies achieve a huge decrease in sustenance expenditure and a huge enhancement in the capabilities and features of their products.
  • Storage Services MSys has developed solutions for almost all sought-after platforms, programming languages, and operating systems. Deep expertise and innovation help us deliver projects in a highly cost-effective manner. We deploy engineers onsite or offsite based on ...
  • Quality Assurance Services At MSys, quality assurance is a key process. We provide quality assurance services in storage, cloud, enterprise apps, embedded systems, and big data domains.
  • Purplestrike RtMobitaz Features and Services MSys’s PurpleStrike RT (PSRT) is a real-time load-testing tool that generates its virtual users through Amazon’s AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) platform.
  • Product Lifecycle Management Services MSys has become a renowned player in outsourced product development industry with years of experience developing multiple products for several ISVs in storage, cloud, embedded systems, DevOps, and mobile spaces.