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  • Virtualization Services At MSys, we provide expertise in maximizing datacenter utilization. Our experts work with your IT manager and IT staff to draw a server consolidation and virtualization plan best suited for your environment.
  • Sustenance and Support Services The sustenance & support solutions by MSys helps product companies achieve a huge decrease in sustenance expenditure and a huge enhancement in the capabilities and features of their products.
  • Storage Services MSys has developed solutions for almost all sought-after platforms, programming languages, and operating systems. Deep expertise and innovation help us deliver projects in a highly cost-effective manner. We deploy engineers onsite or offsite based on specific requirements of the customer.
  • Quality Assurance Services At MSys, quality assurance is a key process. We provide quality assurance services in storage, cloud, enterprise apps, embedded systems, and big data domains.
  • Purplestrike RtMobitaz Features and Services MSys’s PurpleStrike RT (PSRT) is a real-time load-testing tool that generates its virtual users through Amazon’s AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) platform.
  • Product Lifecycle Management Services MSys has become a renowned player in outsourced product development industry with years of experience developing multiple products for several ISVs in storage, cloud, embedded systems, DevOps, and mobile spaces.
  • Mtas Features and Services MTAS (MSys Test Automation Solution) is a key product developed by MSys for automated testing of software applications. It’s an end-to-end test automation solution that works as an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET framework.
  • MSys Training Services MSys training services are provided in several domains such as Cloud Computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing, IT Security management, etc.
  • MSys Corporate Brochure At MSys Technologies, we are constantly seeking to expand our horizons by embracing modern technologies. We are a global technology services company with Storage, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Analytics.
  • Mobitaz Features and Services MSys provides comprehensive testing and quality assurance services, which include manual testing and test process improvement. Mobitaz is MSys’ solution accelerator- an industry-standard test automation solution.
  • Internet of Things Services MSys is an innovative company who has positioned itself at the very forefront of this groundbreaking new approach—internet of things. We can be your partner if you are dabbling into Internet of Things or are looking for a solution provider with expertise in that domain.
  • Enterprise Application Development Services MSys’ dedicated business consulting team comprises of consultants who have extensive experience of synergizing industry domain experience to deliver business transformation solutions including Mobile, Web and Cloud services.
  • Embedded Systems Services At MSys, we provide multiple embedded application development services. Some of our capabilities are explored here: – System architecting and development..
  • DevOps Services MSys has worked on many DevOps tools & technologies. MSys has the capability of building a unique continuous delivery pipeline tailored toward your specific requirements. We have done projects using such tools and technologies as Chef, Puppet, ControlTier, RunDeck, and CFEngine.
  • Cloud Computing Services One of the focus areas of MSys is cloud computing, where MSys has catered to a number of customers. Our focus areas in cloud involve over twenty major cloud computing platforms. We provide services in SaaS, PaaS, and a major part of IaaS domains.
  • Big Data services MSys provides unmatched expertise in big data tools and technologies. Our offerings span across almost all of the big data technologies in the market today.

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