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Exploring Beyond the Known and Ventured


QA Automation 101

Enterprises need to optimize the efforts of QA teams. Teams need to figure out ways to perform repetitive tests to minimize human error, while ensuring the testing team does not exhaust themselves by performing the same tests

Storage Predictive Analytics

Storage Predictive Analytics is combined from three terms, viz.,Storage which refers to data storage appliances and devices-- “Predictive” refers to predict some metrics based upon the data availability and lastly,

SOAP vs REST: Which is better and why? Expert speak

Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over the internet. It follows the client server architecture. SOAP and REST are the two major classes of web services.

Scala: The Next Big Thing in the Big Data World

Scala integrates features of object-oriented and functional programming. It is also a part of the JVM ecosystem, which makes it powerful and flexible. Scala is used for building Big Data

Deliver Faster and Secure with End-To-End Test Automation

Nowadays, product development life cycle is shorter and if competition is considered, one needs to have good quality product release in less time. With the help of end-to-end test automation,

Getting along with Docker and Containers

MSys’s latest podcast talks about Docker and Containers. Docker is a new container technology which is popular for application portability i.e. being able to run the same application on any linux host running anywhere.

Insightful Log Analytics and Log Management

MSys’s latest podcast talks about Log Analytics and Log Management. Today machines and applications generate millions of log data. Making business sense of the millions of log lines is a very big challenge.

MSys Podcast - Introduction Of MSys Technologies

MSys technologies provides high technology services in Storage, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data Analytics, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Testing, and Test Automation. In this podcast, Mr. Nitish Shirsath, CTO of MSys technologies, will talk about MSys.


Webinar on SDS: A Prediction Gone Right

Data storage has transformed in ways you cannot imagine in the past few years. The old-world disk technology is no longer valid. The present scenario storage domain is inundated with new technologies, ..

Webinar - Make IoT and Big Data Your Maintenance Assistants

The advent of Predictive Maintenance is already taking the industry by storm. Predictive Maintenance helps modern businesses to shift the focus from being reactionary to being proactive with recommendations for future actions..