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Exploring Beyond the Known and Ventured

MSys DevOps and Containerization Solutions Help Fast-Food Giant to Achieve Zero Downtime Deployment

Our client’s rise to a global fast-food giant was the result of their sharp business acumen and unparalleled food quality. Amidst digital disruptions and market fluctuations, the client had a vision of cutting-edge applications that entailed unique features based on geographical locations. This was to offer differentiated services and delight their customers. They intended to leverage containerization to create parity between heterogeneous IT environments. But, quickly realized that it is a daunting task! The client did not wish to hamper their ongoing productivity and efficiency.

MSys jumped to client’s rescue by conflating DevOps and Containerization, powered by Automation. The application downtime, prevalent during the release cycle slumbered down by 100 percent.

To understand our detailed engagement model including the discovery phase and the use and implementation methods of tools and technologies, please download the case study.

GPS based social networking application

This app lets you capture it all – a view, a moment, your own personal thoughts – and leave a digital footprint in that exact spot for others – or themselves – to see

Verification of HA, DRS & HA-DRS Solution

The engagement revolved around verifying the client’s HA, DRS and HA-DRS solution to work with VMware VMotion. The project leveraged tools such as PowerCLI, VCenter 4.1, I/O Meter, VSphere client.

Niche Network Diagnostics For leading NFV ISV

MSys engaged with a leading SDN services provider to enable visibility into network pertaining health status using network logs. The project also underpinned creation of niche visualization dashboard depicting the health status of physical and virtual networks using health maps, health indicators and health logs.