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Success Stories

  • Client Portal SDK & Connectors
    The client portal provides an SDK that now enables integration of the 3rd party Cloud service providers. Hence allowing
  • RAID60 and NAS Implementation
    MSys was involved in the RAID60 and NAS Implementation and QA efforts for this client
  • Testbed Setup & QA process for vCOPs, vROPs & VCP
    MSys created a framework for the client to Setup Testbed & QA process for vCOPs, vROPs & VCP
  • Building VMware Virtual Appliance
    This case study gives an overview of creating a “software-only” virtual appliance for your server-based setup or application
  • Microsoft Vss Hardware Provider
    MSys has developed a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Hardware Provider to support client’s iSCSI…
  • High Availability And Disaster Recovery Solution
    MSys’ test automation expertise was helpful for the client to develop a full-fledged disaster recovery solution…
  • Vivaldi Automation Software
    MSys has developed a host of automation tools for the client, one of which is the Vivaldi Automation Software (VAS) for the MegaRAID Storage…
  • ODM Automation Software
    MSys has developed a host of automation tools for the client. One of them is the ODM automation tool for qualifying the client’s…
  • Automation Test Tool For VDS VSS
    The Client is a leading provider of innovative circuitry, systems, and software technologies The GUI-based automation tool uses third party utilities to verify…

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