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Exploring Beyond the Known and Ventured

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solution

MSys’ test automation expertise was helpful for the client to develop a full-fledged disaster recovery solution. We were able to implement rapid debugging of customer production issues by automating the data recovery functionality.

Client Portal SDK & Connectors

The client portal provides an SDK that now enables integration of the 3rd party Cloud service providers. Hence allowing the portal to act as a common broker that can provision resources from these cloud service providers.

Vivaldi ODM Automation Software

MSys has developed a host of automation tools for the client, one of which is the Vivaldi Automation Software (VAS) for the MegaRAID Storage Manager user Interface. This team consists of experts in Java and various scripting languages with exposure toward the operations of RAID systems.

RAID60 and NAS Implementation

MSys was involved in the RAID60 and NAS Implementation and QA efforts for a leading innovative flexible storage solutions provider for applications.

Automation test tool for VDS/VSS Hardware

The GUI-based automation tool uses third party utilities to verify the functionality of the hardware provider. MSys Technologies’ GUI-based tool performs incremental testing and categorizes test cases into test suites, groups, and subgroups depending on the functionality.

Custom Python Test Framework

The client is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computing systems. The client’s specific requirement was development of a modular code base that can be extended by a broad team.