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Exploring Beyond the Known and Ventured

Web GUI/IOP API Test Automation Suite

The client in this case study is a company that provides secure file sharing and cloud storage capabilities. MSys helped the client identify the best tools for reducing the test timings of manual testing process of its web GUI/IOP application programming interface.

End-to-End Testing Solution

To meet end-to-end testing requirements of the telecom provider, MSys telecom automation engineers tested and automated the flow of the network devices and data flow through different applications using MTAS.

Machine-to-Machine Networking & Sustenance

MSys has expertise in machine-to-machine communication technology, which was instrumental in providing a communication and sustenance solution to an international networking device manufacturer.

IoT Platform for Managing Connected Devices

This IoT platform enabled manufacturing companies to improve their operational efficiency by automatically collecting sensor data from production machines and providing deep analytics and insights on this data.

Device Cloud Project (Internet of Things)

The project aimed at development of a cloud-based management and monitoring dashboard that monitors storage devices of the client and identifies device issues in order to reduce the number of service visits required.

Storage Monitoring Solution

We have worked with SSDs, RAID arrays, software-defined storage vendors, and cloud storage vendors. The particular software requires MIS details of the storage usage, such as the data used by various departments, the amount of data used, and the details of the old files that use the storage and backup systems in case the file sizes grow to abnormal levels.

Secure Messaging Portal

The client in this project has a unique secure communication application that is targeted at finance and healthcare markets. The unique solution ddesigned by MSys helps users leverage one or more email addresses for secure messaging and continue to use their existing email addresses.

Dedicated Team for Continuous Delivery

The customer is a provider of high-performance computing providing one third of top hundred supercomputers in the world. The various requirements by the client include research, evaluation, and implementation of appropriate tools for building an essential continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

BOT Setup for an Overseas Client

MSys helped the client set up a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) project in Chennai, India, providing the resources to deliver and and support project/product work from a development and testing standpoint. MSys works collaboratively with the offshore teams of customer’s clients to reduce wait times and improve productivity.